Project Details

Project Name: Education Management Information System
Approx. Value of the Contract Rs. 1234
Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Balochistan
Duration of the Project (months): months
Name of the Donor
Total Number of Staff-months of the Assignment: 24
Location: IDO Head Office Quetta
Approx. Value of the Services Provided by IDO Under the Contract: Rs. 0
Start Date: 01-05-2014
Completion Date 31-08-2016
Number of Professional Staff-months provided by Associated Consultants
Name of Associated consultants, If any. nil
Name of Professional Staff of IDO Involved and Functions Performed:


Narrative Description of the Project:

-   To demonstrate, strengthen and institutionalise Education Management Information System (EMIS) in Balochistan in line with priorities identified in the Balochistan Education Sector Plan (complimenting the GPE initiatives) building upon the existing structure of BEMIS by end of July 2015

-   To enhance the scope of existing BEMIS by incorporating private school data, Deni Madaress and human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) by July 2015

-   To enhance the capacity of end user, developers, managers and other stakeholder at provincial and district levels in developing and functionalizing mechanisms for effective use of EMIS in planning and monitoring, including the Complaint Management System (CMS) by end of July 2015.

-  To validate physically and digitize the sites for opening of new mix-gender schools in Balochistan as per prescribed criteria agreed among UNICEF, WB, GPE and the Education department by end of July 2015.


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