Project Details

Project Name: Education Management Information System
Approx. Value of the Contract Rs. 1234
Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Balochistan
Duration of the Project (months): months
Name of the Donor
Total Number of Staff-months of the Assignment: 74
Location: IDO Head Office Quetta
Approx. Value of the Services Provided by IDO Under the Contract: Rs. 0
Start Date: 01-05-2014
Completion Date 30-11-2020
Number of Professional Staff-months provided by Associated Consultants
Name of Associated consultants, If any. nil
Name of Professional Staff of IDO Involved and Functions Performed:


Narrative Description of the Project:

-    Provide continuous technical support to PPIU, PMC, BEMIS, BoC, PITE, BTBB, and DoE in      operation and maintenance of EMIS, RTSM, DSS,CMS, and Biometric Attendance System including update of technical documents and technology transfer 

     Assist PPIU and PMC in data cleaning and analysis of EMIS and RTSM data on as and when required basis. 

     Provide support to PPIU and PMC in operation of maintenance of EMIS web and desktop based applications 

     Update technical documents for EMIS, RTSM, DSS, CMSand biometric attendance system and train BEMIS staff and 1 focal person each from PPIU, PMC, BoC, PITE, BTBB, and DoE in operation and maintenance of EMIS, RTSM, DSS, CMS and Biometric Attendance System

-   Develop, Print and Disseminate reports based on EMIS data 

     Conduct consultative sessions with PPIU, PMC, BoC, PITE, BTBB, and DoE to identify and agree on themes of 4 reports, contents to be covered and data collection methods (desk review/field level discussions). Analyze EMIS data to generate evidence on key issues and gape to be addressed to improve access and quality of education.

-    Maintain android based real time school monitoring software and develop user-friendly android based application for viewing summarized and detailed school wise monitoring reports. 

Conduct detailed review of the current version of android based Real Time School Monitoring software and updating software accordingly.

     Conduct a consultative session with Education Field Officials and decision makers on design and requirements of a user-friendly Android based application for ready viewing of RTSM generalized indicator wise findings and school wise reports.

     Develop and android based application for decision makers to view RTSM findings on mobile phones. 


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