Project Details

Project Name: Hunnermand
Approx. Value of the Contract Rs. 000
Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Balochistan
Duration of the Project (months): months
Name of the Donor
Total Number of Staff-months of the Assignment: 1
Location: Shah Tower Quetta
Approx. Value of the Services Provided by IDO Under the Contract: Rs. 0
Start Date: 02-01-2012
Completion Date 25-12-2017
Number of Professional Staff-months provided by Associated Consultants
Name of Associated consultants, If any. nil
Name of Professional Staff of IDO Involved and Functions Performed:


Narrative Description of the Project:

The Hunnermand’s display center being the hub of all the activities related to the production of marketable items is more sustainable as compared to the skill development centers. IDO has previously plugged in inputs from other projects into the production center and various machines have been purchased for promotion of skills and preparation of items.  The Hunnermand’s display center provides a sustainable solution to the unemployment of skilled artisans.

The Hunnermand’s cycle has been designed in manner that it runs on self-sustainable basis using the concept of social business while keeping intact the basic principles of non-profiteering endeavors. It generates its own resources through marketing and sales of the skill based products through effective linkages development, quality enhancement and presentation of the products. IDO has established a display center for Hunnermand to ensure sustainability of enterprise development opportunities to all the registered artisans under the supervision of a qualified designers, enterprise development experts and marketing staff.

The Hunnermand display center plays a pivotal role, where it not only serves a hub to link/register skilled women/artisans in the entire enterprise development cycle but it is also used for stocking the raw material, finishing, packing and tagging the products made by these artisans.

The overall implementation mechanism of the project is based on extensive coordination with all stakeholders through partnership building, networking, linkage development and capacity building of the stakeholders. 

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