Project Details

Project Name: WBT and CVT Program for Young People in the Informal Economy of Balochistan
Approx. Value of the Contract Rs. 1234
Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Quetta Urban
Duration of the Project (months): months
Name of the Donor
Total Number of Staff-months of the Assignment: 16
Location: IDO Head Office Quetta
Approx. Value of the Services Provided by IDO Under the Contract: Rs. 1234
Start Date: 10-01-2019
Completion Date 30-11-2020
Number of Professional Staff-months provided by Associated Consultants
Name of Associated consultants, If any. 0
Name of Professional Staff of IDO Involved and Functions Performed:


Narrative Description of the Project:

·         Conduct a six month extensive CBT (Competency Based Training) & CVT/WBT program based on TVET approved manuals through a participatory needs assessment

·          Provide TVET programs for 80 Beneficiaries who are currently working or will be working in the informal economy and provide job placements

·         Establish systemic linkages between the informal economy and the formal TVET system

·         Ensure placement of 70% trained individuals in the specified Partnering Enterprises with the support and coordination of (BIAs/Partnering enterprises) Business Industry associations.  

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